On The Issues

“I will always vote to empower Pennsylvania, our communities and our citizens to make more of our own decisions.”


The two-party system is broken. America is now faced with an unacceptable reality in which establishment Democrats and Republicans are only concerned with beating the other side and increasing their own power, to serve themselves and their special interests. First and foremost, above all else, I will fight for you in Washington, not for the interest of a party.


America is bankrupt. We are more than 21 trillion dollars in debt. Democrats and Republicans in Washington are spending money that we don’t have. Someday, very soon, the bill will come due. Both major parties have utterly failed to restrain spending –they don’t even want to talk about it because it’s politically unpopular.  But unless we have a mature conversation and make sensible cuts now, drastic cuts will be forced on us under emergency conditions. I will never vote for a budget that is not balanced, and I will push for real spending cuts that put us on a sustainable path. We can take care of people, and still plan for the future.


Your money is yours, not the government’s. Establishment politicians have made the tax code as convoluted as possible, in order to take money out of the pockets of hard-working Americans and reward their cronies and special interests. We need representatives in Washington fighting to lower our taxes whenever possible. I will treat tax money as your money, and work for common sense improvements to the tax code to make it flatter, simpler and fairer.


As a business reporter in the Lehigh Valley, the refrain I heard more than any other was, “I wish the government would just leave me alone.” Day after day I talked with hard-working people fighting to grow their businesses who are getting crushed by complicated rules and red tape. Most of these regulations—usually passed in the name of safety or fairness—do nothing but reward the wealthy and powerful, who can easily afford to comply or have the access to lobby the government to protect them from harm. I will be the voice of our local businesses in Washington, always pushing to get the government out of your lives so you can prosper.    


The Federal Reserve fuels an endless cycle of booms and busts and debases the American dollar. Printing money out of thin air is a dangerous practice that puts all of our wealth at risk and taxes the American people by driving inflation. It also allows for big government and war to be endlessly funded while driving up unsustainable debt. I believe we should end the Federal Reserve banking system, and at the very least demand more transparency at the Fed.  


One of the few roles of the federal government is to protect us. That said, we should not be the world’s police force. To help create a more peaceful planet, the United States should maintain a non-interventionist stance. We should never attack another country unless we have been attacked. Time after time throughout history we have seen the unintended consequences military action causes. The best way for us to love and respect our troops is to keep them out of harm’s way, and to lessen our presence across the globe. We already spend more on our military than the next eight countries combined. This is not sustainable economically, and it makes us less safe by creating more enemies of the U.S. I would fight for Congress to take back the war-making powers it inappropriately abdicated long ago. I would work to end senseless interventions overseas. And I would never support American “nation-building”.


Since 9/11, Americans have been forced into accepting compromises on our liberty in the name of security. This is a dangerous, slippery slope. As a member of congress, I will always fight to protect your rights and your privacy, and I will never accept a government that assumes the power to spy on us.


America’s “War on Drugs” has failed, but the Democratic and Republican establishment continues to fight it. After spending more than a trillion dollars, overdose rates are through the roof, and our prison population is up 800%. We must end this war against our own people. Locking peaceful, non-violent Americans in prison is not a solution.  The United States already has the largest prison population in the world. All too often, the people who end up behind bars are the poor and those who don’t have the connections to get themselves out of trouble. If we really want to help people with drug problems, it starts by accepting that addiction is a health issue and not a crime. In addition to decreasing crime at the border and giving gangs less to fight over, ending the drug war would let regular people who need help get it without fear of prison.     

Aside from the drug war, America has too many laws. Locking someone away from society should only be done as a last resort. I will work to end mandatory minimums and help avoid conflict by not putting police in the position of having to enforce laws that should not exist.


Immigration is in the spirit of America, and an important part of a healthy economy. Unfortunately, the government makes it far too difficult for peaceful people from other nations to become Americans. The result is a chaotic system that rewards unlawful behavior. I will work to streamline the process, to encourage good people to come in through the front door, and to make it easier to stop bad people from coming here illegally. I also support reducing the size of our welfare state, which will assure that the people coming here are doing it for the right reasons.


I am a pro-choice candidate. Abortion is an intensely personal issue, and people can fundamentally disagree about it in good faith. I respect all points of view, but think it should be a decision left out of the realm of government. To that point, taxpayer dollars should never be involved. Choice is the key here; for women, doctors, and for Americans who don’t want their money used for something they object to.   


You should have the choice to possess firearms. The Constitution recognizes this as a right, not just for hunting, but for the protection of yourself, your family and your property. I will be a voice in Washington that will always protect all of your liberties, including those in the 2nd Amendment.  


I strongly believe in and would do everything possible to enact term limits for members of Congress. No representative should serve more than three terms and no senator should serve more than two. This comes back to the basic idea, lost long ago, that regular people should represent us for a stint in Washington before returning home to their lives. Instead of being governed by career politicians, who serve the interests of themselves and their allies while trying to keep their jobs or climb the ladder, we should know someone is in Washington fighting for us. It should be a public service, not a public career.

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